Misiway Milopemahtesewin Community Health Centre is a primary health care service organization for Aboriginal people in northern Ontario.  The health care organization is centrally located in Timmins to provide service access for all clientele within a 140 kilometer radius of the city.

Although the Health Centre has a high number of Aboriginal clients, services are made available for everyone.

Misiway – Everything In A Name

Misiway Milopemahtesewin is an Ojibway/Cree word that translates as “Living well, living a good life – for everyone”.  The translation is visually represented in a painting titled ‘Milopemahtesewin’ by Richard Kamalatisit, a well known late Aboriginal visual artist from northern Ontario.  The painting was created by Kamalatisit for Misiway Milopemahtesewin CHC.


“Milopemahtesewin” – Living well, Living the Good Life – an original painting by the late Aboriginal artist Richard Kamalatisit.

More commonly in the Aboriginal community, the organization is known as Misiway, the Ojibway / Cree word that translates as “everyone” or “everything”.

Both the Ojibway / Cree translations are fitting descriptions for the health organization as it focuses on providing services for everyone and from all medical perspectives.

Mission Statement

The Misiway Milopemahtesewin Community Health Centre is established to provide quality programs and services that honour, respect and support Aboriginal culture, values and healing practices, complimented by western approaches to primary health care. Through education, promotion and service delivery, the Misiway Milopemahtesewin Community Health Centre encourages individuals, families, and communities to:

  • Integrate and balance their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.
  • Become aware of lifestyle choices that impede and/or enhance her/his state of health and wellness.
  • Increase awareness and participation in determining her/his own health and wellness choices, decisions and healing strategies.
  • Establish respectful and collaborative relationships with health care providers and other external resources.
  • Encourage the involvement of family members and significant others as part of the health team.
  • Adopt a pro-active approach and self-empowerment/self-help model.

A Unique Aboriginal Health Care Provider

Misiway Milopemahtesewin Community Health Centre (CHC) is one of two Aboriginal Community Health Centres in Ontario.  The second Aboriginal CHC is Anishnawbe CHC which is located in Toronto, Ontario.  These are the only two Aboriginal CHCs out of 108 total CHCs throughout the province.

In keeping with a community oriented perspective and to better service its clients, Misiway health care staff have created and maintained a network of community partnerships and relationships with Native and non-Native organizations in northern Ontario.  Many of these partnerships share in the goal of addressing Aboriginal health, culture, education and community development.  These partnerships and working relationships include organizations and groups such as: Timmins Aboriginal Organizations Committee, Porcupine Diabetes Information Services, Timmins Native Friendship Centre, Family Violence Coalition, Northern College Pow Wow and Positively Timmins.

Services and programs of Misiway Milopemahtesewin Community Health Centre are made available with funding from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC)/ North East Local Health Integration Network (NELHIN)