Origin Story

Our Community Health Centre was first incorporated in 1993 as Misiway Eniniwuk Community Health Centre. In 2000, our name was changed to Misiway Milopemahtesewin, an Ojibway/Cree phrase which means “ living well, living a good life – for everyone”. Our Community Health Centre predominately serves the needs of the Aboriginal Community within the City of Timmins and, as resources allow, provides services in surrounding areas of the City.

The need for Indigenous People to return to tradition and create “wholistic” solutions to the problems faced in the community has prompted us to use the Medicine Wheel and Seven Grandfather Teachings to guide both our planning and care delivery approaches to individuals and families served. We recognize the importance of client involvement and are committed to offering services in both traditional and western approaches to care. A combination of these “ways of healing” is also feasible from our perspective.

Together we will create wellness through a balance of Spirit, Body, Mind and Emotions.