Traditional Healing Program

traditional300Through our culture and traditional healing methods, Traditional Healers, Elders and Medicine People help individuals, families and communities strive for balance, harmony and good health. This includes One-on-One Counselling, Medicine-making Workshops, and Ceremonies such as Fasting Camps, Naming and Colours, and Sweat Lodge.

Our Traditional Healing Coordinator supports the program both as a leader and traditional healing provider.

Misiway’s Traditional Healing Program also provides Aboriginal Orientation and Turning Full Circle programs to individuals on probation in the justice system.

Aboriginal Orientation, a 10 circle program, assists individuals to understand the impact of colonization and the legacy of residential schools on First Nation families. It is offered in two groups: Eastern Door for male clients and Women’s Journey for females.

Turning Full Circle, comprised of 13 circle sessions, includes modules on parenting, substance abuse, domestic violence and anger management.