Healthy Choices

healthyOur Misiway team is committed to helping individuals and families make healthy choices in their lives. This keeps us well and strong. We recognize the importance of working with individuals and families to determine the best fit for their needs and the ongoing support required to achieve established goals.

Indigenous culture is a key component of well-being. It grounds who we are as people, instils pride in the choices that we make and allows us to explore opportunities in the ways that are most meaningful to us. Misiway Milopemahtesewin Community Health Centre offers programs which incorporate land-based teachings and customs into the plan of care.

Sharing our knowledge, both traditional and western, is a powerful way to learn and support one another. For together, we can move mountains! Help us to use this space to share healthy choices that have made a difference in your life: traditional recipes, traditional games, your favourite trail are just a few examples of healthy choices to celebrate and share.